IPL Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

For safe and effective laser hair removal, choose the Melbourne experts: Blossomed IPL Laser Hair Removal.

Blossomed IPL is here to make you feel fabulously confident and look great with our expert laser hair removal services. With over 20 laser hair removal clinics across Melbourne, our qualified staff members use state of the art equipment to give your skin the best results possible.

Whether this is your first time receiving laser hair removal treatment, or you have tried it before, we are committed to providing a professional and personalised service of exemplary standards to ensure you are completely satisfied not only with our service but also your results!

Why choose Blossomed for all your IPL laser hair removal needs?

There are many reasons to choose Blossomed IPL laser hair removal treatment including:

  • We use modern, state of the art medical grade IPL and Laser technology
  • We offer affordable, safe and effective laser hair removal so you can enjoy lasting results
  • All our nurses and technicians are fully qualified and hold IPL/Laser Safety Officer’s Certificates
  • We use an integrated cooling system to cool the surface of your skin in order to reduce pain and keep you as comfortable as possible

Blossomed IPL are Trusted & Experienced IPL Laser Hair Removal Specialists in Melbourne!

Blossomed IPL is one of Melbourne’s leading clinics when it comes to experienced laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation services.
Blossomed IPL is staffed by a trustworthy team of nurses and technicians who are laser safety certified.
With over 20 conveniently located IPL Laser Hair Removal clinics located across Melbourne, including the CBD, Blossomed IPL offers treatments for hair removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Resurfacing, along with specials that you can take advantage of!

Laser Hair Removal Quick Facts!

    • Quick Fact #1: Avoid waxing, plucking, or threading the area 4 weeks prior to treatment.

These methods work by removing the hair follicle of the skin. As hair laser removal therapy works by targeting the hair follicle, we do NOT want to remove the follicle or have a partially grown follicle undergo laser therapy.

    • Quick Fact #2: 90% permanent hair removal can be achieved within 4 to 8 treatments!

This means that laser hair removal treatments will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs within 4 to 8 treatments, leaving your skin hair-free and silky smooth.

    • Quick Fact #3: The process isn’t as painful as it sounds!

Laser removal works by sending pulsating light through the pigment of the hair, thus damaging it and causing it to fall out. Thanks to the cooling mechanisms, the action of the pulsating light entering the skin is mostly painless.

    • Quick Fact #4: Avoid sun exposure prior to treatment.

Either avoid sun exposure prior to treatment, or wait until the pigment in your skin fades back to its normal colour. You want your skin colour to be as close to natural as possible so that you avoid scarring, burning, and damaging of your skin. Also, the amount of hair that is effectively removed with be compromised if the pigment of your skin changes throughout the treatment.

    • Quick Fact #5: Laser hair removal has more than one benefit!

Laser removal not only removes hair, it has the potential to also treat irritating ingrown hairs, and produce clearer, smoother skin.

Blossomed IPL  offers a range of services to keep you feeling and looking great including hair removalphoto rejuvenation, skin resurfacing and more.